About Current Research

Hi there!

You might have ended up here because I sent you information about participating in a research study and you Googled my really long name to check me out. So welcome! I am happy you are here!

In any type of interview research, the interviewer will learn a lot about the person participating in the study. But, research participants don’t get a chance to get a sense of the person who is asking them questions.

I have included a research statement for my current project on Facebook Group moderators. This is a snapshot of who I am, and why I am interested in the research I am conducting on Upper Great Lakes hyperlocal Facebook Groups. Additionally, I have linked to the consent forms for both projects that I am currently conducting interviews for.

If you are a Facebook Group moderator, this consent form is for you.

If you are an 18-34-year-old who uses social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, to find out about the world, then you will want to check out this form.

This overview is not a substitution for questions. If you want to know more, have specific questions, or think that you may qualify to participate, please feel free to email me at battocch@msu.edu.

Research Statement