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Human-Centered Infrastructure Design and the Future of Rural Digital Connectivity

I am currently conducting ethnographic research (i.e. interviewing, hanging out, and experiencing the community, observations, etc.) as part of a larger study. This study explores the connectivity experiences and needs of people living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and investigates the localized and often invisible connectivity needs of rural people, and how we might design infrastructure so it better serves rural communities.

See consent form: MSU IRB Study 00007852

Local Digital Civic Infrastructure in Upper Midwestern Communities

I am part of a cross-institutional research team exploring the factors affecting how local government, media, and non-profit organizations in the Upper Midwest use social and digital media to inform the public of civic events and issues. Our team is based out of Michigan State University, University of Kansas, Northwestern University, Penn State, and Renmin University of China. We are interested in interviewing individuals involved in marketing/outreach/communications efforts.

See consent form: MSU IRB Study 00007852

This overview is not a substitution for questions. If you want to know more, have specific questions, or think that you may qualify to participate, please feel free to email me at battocch@msu.edu

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