Identity Driven Information Ecosystems

This article introduces the Identity Driven Information Ecosystem (IDIE) approach, emphasizing how identities shape information exposure and processing. It highlights systematic differences based on identity and concludes with a COVID-19 case study to illustrate these concepts.

March 2024 · Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice, Guadalupe Madrigal, Gavin Ploger, Sydney Carr, Mia Carbone, Ava Francesca Battocchio, Stuart Soroka

Who Will Tell the Stories of Health Inequities? Platform Challenges (and Opportunities) in Local Civic Information Infrastructure

The study explores the impact of declining local news on community information access, focusing on COVID-19 health disparities. It shows limited discussion on Facebook, mostly from local news outlets.

February 2024 · Ava Francesca Battocchio, Kjerstin Thorson, Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice, Marisa Smith, Yingying Chen, Stephanie Edgerly, Kelley Cotter, Hyesun Choung, Chuqing Dong, Moldir Moldagaliyeva, Christopher E. Etheridge

“Do Good and Be ‘Liked’”: CSR Messages on Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic and Consumer Responses

This study examines CSR messages on social media during COVID-19, finding that employee-focused CSR drives highest engagement. Community-related and company statements enhance brand perception.

January 2024 · Ava Francesca Battocchio, Jing Yang, Chuqing Dong, Ebbe Bertellotti, Eunsin Joo, Camilla Teran

Chapter 11: Gen Z's civic engagement: news use, politics, and cultural engagement

This chapter examines how Gen Z in industrialized democracies engages with public life via digital media amid challenges like climate change and economic precarity. It covers news consumption, digital political campaigns, and cultural engagement through content creation, setting the stage for further discussion on socio-economic and social identity impacts in Chapter 12.

November 2023 · Ava Francesca Battocchio, Chris Wells, Emily Vraga, Kjerstin Thorson, Stephanie Edgerly, Leticia Bode

Chapter 12: Gen Z's civic engagement: civic skills, political expression, and identity

Gen Z’s civic identity is explored amid climate change and extremism, highlighting socio-economic status, affinity groups, and online practices. Changes in political engagement definitions are discussed, impacting socialization and education, building on digital media’s role.

November 2023 · Ava Francesca Battocchio, Leticia Bode, Chris Wells, Emily Vraga, Kjerstin Thorson, Stephanie Edgerly

“I Use Social Media as an Escape from All That” Personal Platform Architecture and the Labor of Avoiding News

Examining U.S. young adults, this study explores the design and maintenance of personal media across digital platforms and its impact on news use. Through 50 guided interviews using social media, it introduces the concept of personal platform architecture and its relation to digital labor, highlighting how this work often steers users away from news encounters.

August 2023 · Kjerstin Thorson, Ava Francesca Battocchio

Building Brand Authenticity on Social Media: The Impact of Instagram Ad Model Genuineness and Trustworthiness on Perceived Brand Authenticity and Consumer Responses

This study explores how Instagram images’ facial expressions and aesthetics affect consumers’ evaluations. Smiling faces and snapshot aesthetics enhance perceived source genuineness, leading to greater brand authenticity and trust, positively impacting consumer attitudes and intentions.

February 2021 · Jing Yang, Camilla Teran, Ava Francesca Battocchio, Ebbe Bertellotti, Shannon Wrzesinski

Effects of Transparent Brand Communication on Perceived Brand Authenticity and Consumer Responses

This study examines how brands’ transparent communication about production and costs affects consumers’ perceptions of transparency and authenticity. It finds that increased transparency enhances consumers’ attitudes, trust, and behavioral intentions, emphasizing the value of transparency in marketing.

January 2020 · Jing Yang, Ava Francesca Battocchio