Meet My Trusty Friend: Reference Manager

 “So how do you organize the digital resources when conducting research and do your citations?”

Cue: the awkward scene in which girl shows multiple Chrome browser windows on a laptop, each so maxed out with tabs that only the icon is visible. Full disclosure, my iPhone had over 400 open tabs as well.

A friend of mine, currently in grad school, told me about APA citation generators and my honest to god reaction was "Your class doesn't know how to compose a citation in APA? You kids don't know how good you have it."It’s probably safe to say that I have a bad relationship diving into collecting data on a spectrum of topics from trains to Korean to English code-switching in advertisements to historically accurate sewing techniques without the resources or skill set to actually organize them in a meaningful way that makes retrieval feasible.

This realization led to my quest to find my newest, trusty nerd friend; A Reference Manager.

Figuring out the best reference manager continues to be an interesting adventure. Here’s what I have learned about the three reference managers that I’ve tried so far.

Do you have a favorite reference manager? Tell me more!

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