Hi, I’m Ava Francesca! 

(But that’s a lot of letters, so ‘Ava’ or ‘af’ is just fine!” )

Professional headshot featuring young woman with long, dark green hair and oversized red frame glasses.
Photo: Jennifer Holloway | jcorinna.com

I am an undergraduate senior and first-year graduate student at Loyola University Chicago, where I am concurrently pursuing my BA Advertising and MS Global Strategic Communication.  

As a life-long traveler, I am fascinated by the relationship between communication and culture. While living in and frequently traveling to Winnipeg, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, I noticed differences in advertising campaigns of multinational brands on opposite sides of the border. This curiosity was fueled during my time in the Port of Duluth-Superior. As the largest port on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway system, the wide-reaching impact of domestic and international trade and diversity of natural resources served as a valuable introduction to communication within the context of political economy.

In addition to my studies, I also design, produce and manage a size-inclusive, body positive, women’s vintage reproduction apparel line called Timely Attire Company. Timely Attire Co.

When I’m not ‘seamstressin’ and studyin’,” my interests include public history and industrial heritage(think “grains and trains”), rail-fanning, biking, alternative print media, and photography. I am also a Research Assistant at the Social & Interactive Media Lab (SIMLab) at Loyola University Chicago under the direction of Dr. Florence Chee.

Want to collaborate? Feel free to shoot me a message under "Contact" or email me at abattocchio[at]luc[dot]edu.

Want to know more?

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